NPIV (N_Port ID Virtualization) is an industry standard that allows a single physical Fibre Channel port to be shared among multiple systems. Using this technology you can connect multiple LPARs to one physical port of a physical fibre channel adapter. Each LPAR has its own unique worldwide port name (WWPN) associated with its own virtual FC adapter. This means that you can connect each logical partition to independent physical storage on a SAN.

  1. [AIX]How to setup to enable syslog in AIX?
  2. [AIX.DMX]How to configure AIX devices after symm(device) configuration change?
  3. [AIX] How to match AIX Hdisk number to Clariion Array LUN number?
  4. [AIX]Why there are ghost LUNs(LUNz) presented to host?
  5. [AIX]Difference between AIX Maintenance Level(ML), Technology Level(TL) and Service Pack
  6. [AIX] How to increase the size of a logical volume?
  7. [AIX] How to create a logical volume?
  8. [AIX] How to increase /reduce a paging space?
  9. [AIX] How to remove a file system?
  10. [AIX]How to defragment a file system?
  11. [AIX] How to mount a CD/DVD?
  12. [AIX] How to change the size of a file system?
  13. [AIX] How to create a file system?
  14. [AIX] How to change between kernel modes in AIX?
  15. [AIX]How to find out what kernel mode AIX is running at?
  16. [AIX]How to Displaying program output and copying to a file (tee command)
  17. [AIX]How to resolve LED 581 issue during system bootup?
  18. [AIX]How to show the boot sequence on AIX?
  19. [AIX]How to clear AIX software entries in error log?
  20. [AIX] How to restart network service in AIX environment?
  21. [AIX]What is the recovery procedure when system hangs with LED 552, 554 or 556?
  22. [AIX]How to disable auto-mount for AIX file system?
  23. [AIX] Server LED Code alternating 0223 and 0229(or FCE,FD2 or FDO on RS/6000) and not booting up?
  24. [AIX]How to check if AIX is 64bit enabled?
  25. [AIX]What is the quickest way to show the hardware configuration of AIX system?
  26. [AIX]How to verify that the operating system is in a consistent state?
  27. [AIX]What is recommended method of apply APAR?
  28. [AIX]How do I validate fileset is install properly?
  29. [AIX]What is the easiest way to move data from a failing disk to a new disk?
  30. [AIX] How to extend a file system?
  31. [AIX]How to run performance report on AIX version 4.3.3. above?
  32. [AIX]How to display hot plug PCI slot?
  33. [AIX]How to manually add a log event to Error Log?
  34. [AIX] What is difference between errpt and diag ?
  35. [AIX] How to Clear the boot record from a physical Volume?
  36. [AIX]How to create copies of logical volume?
  37. [AIX]Quick Guide to Virtual Memory Tuning in AIX
  38. [AIX]How to Modify an existing device configuration?
  39. [AIX]How to create log devices in AIX?
  40. [AIX] How to perform LVM performance monitoring with the lvmstat command?
  41. [AIX]What is the appropriate procedure to perform volume group name change?
  42. [AIX] What is the procedure to change file system from JFS to JFS2 in AIX?
  43. [AIX]How to create copies of logical volumes
  44. [AIX] How to Change paging space dynamically in AIX 5?
  45. [AIX] How to display active subsystem and shutdown the subsystem?
  46. [AIX]How to remove a physical Device?
  47. [AIX] How to configure network in AIX host?
  48. [AIX]how to set kernel parameter values in aix?
  49. [AIX] Quick Guide of Using of savevg command
  50. [AIX]how to perform tape copy between different tape format?
  51. [AIX] Quick Guide of Using dd command
  52. [AIX] How to exclude a directory from a mksysb backup
  53. [AIX] Viewing AIX Boot and Console Logs
  54. [AIX]Which commands will display the current Maintenance Level of a server?
  55. [AIX]What is alt_disk_install command used for?
  56. [AIX] How to extract a tar.gz or .tgz file?
  57. [AIX] Cron Format Explained
  58. [UNIX]How to add startup scripts to the system startup process?
  59. [AIX] How to set up sar data files?
  60. [AIX] How to read Input Output statistics - iostat output?
  61. [AIX]Upgrade p-series615 or 9114-275 firmware procedure
  62. [Solaris-Host Attach] How to Find HBA wwpn
  63. [LINUX-Host Attach] How to Find HBA wwpn
  64. [HP-Host Attach] How to Locating the WWPNs of HBAs
  65. [HP-SVC Attach] Mapping a virtual disk (VDisk) to HP-UX 11.31 0709 and 0803 hosts
  66. [HP-SVC Attach] Attaching HP hosts to a cluster
  67. [HP-SAN Attach] Domain-id 8 not allowed
  68. [SAN HPUX]How to setup host connectivity for HPUX 11iV3 that connects to Clariion without Powerpath
  69. [SAN-HPUX] How to find out the CLARiiON LUN number based on the HPUX host device output?

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