SVC/V7000 addresses business continuity needs by providing multiple options for Remote Replication to suit specific environments. Metro Mirror is a synchronous remote copy function which is used to maintain real-time synchronized copies of disks. The copies can be geographically dispersed between SVC clusters as well within a single cluster group. Metro Mirror replication ensures that both sites are synchronized, it is a good way to ensure data integrity over a distance of less than 100 km.

  1. [AIX] IBM Power system implementation - NPIV or VSCSI
  2. [SVC] [IBM SVC]IBM SVC Restrictions - 6.4
  3. [SVC] SVC Host Connectivity consideration for AIX Hosts
  4. [SVC] SVC Host Connectivity Guide for AIX Hosts
  5. [IBM TPC] Operating system support for the Tivoli Storage Productivity Center agents
  6. [IBM TPC] TPC Performance Monitor Job Fail for SVC
  7. [IBM SVC] SVC(5.1) Performance Statistics Overview
  8. [IBM TPC] How to Migrate Between proxy CIMOM and embedded CIMOM with Tivoli Storage Productivity Center?
  9. [IBM TPC] How to configure TPC Alert for SVC Node status change
  10. [IBM SVC] Integrate existing SVC Metro and Global Mirror relationships into TPC-R session
  11. [IBM SVC] SVC(4.3.1) Performance Statistics Overview
  12. [IBM SVC]How to perform live vdisk expansion to AIX attached LUNs
  13. [SVC CLI] SVC CLI CheatSheet
  14. [SAN]Different approach of SAN host connectivity of open system and mainframe?
  15. [Storage] How much Storage Cache needed - Cache-to-Backstore Ratio
  16. [Storage]Access Density Key to Successful Storage System Performance/Capacity Planning
  17. [SAN/STORAGE] Troubleshooting Guideline
  18. [IBM SVC] How to Migrate a VDisk between MDGs
  19. [IBM SVC]IBM SVC Restrictions - V6.4
  20. [IBM SVC]IBM SVC Restrictions - 5.1.x
  21. [IBM SVC]IBM SVC Restrictions - 4.3.x
  22. [SAN Storage] Complete Organization WWN Registration List - Part 4
  23. [SAN Storage] Complete Organization WWN Registration List - Part 3
  24. [SAN Storage] Complete Organization WWN Registration List - Part 2
  25. [SAN Storage] Complete Organization WWN Registration List - Part 1
  26. [SAN Storage] UNIX/LINUX OS Disk Management
  27. [IBM DS] What is single-Rank Extent Pool configuration in DS8K Configuration?
  28. [IBM Storage] Identify IBM Storage by WWPN
  29. [IBM Storage] SDD/SDDPCM multipath limitations and recommendations for AIX
  30. [IBM SVC] How to run performance review using SVC CLI Scripts
  31. [IBM TPC] HW/SW Requirement for Implement TPC for Replication
  32. [IBM DS] DS8000 Terms and Concepts
  33. [IBM] Default IBM Hardware Access ID and Password

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